When I migrated from IOS to Android a year ago, I loved the change. However, it was a huge shock to discover that none of the email apps in Google Play Store offered a holistic solution, i.e., all important functionalities packed with a beautiful and user-friendly design. Among the list of features, what I missed the most was the flexibility to ‘move’ emails from one IMAP account to any folder across other IMAP accounts. This is a standard feature in iPhone’s native email app as well as in all major desktop email clients like eM Client, Thunderbird, Outlook etc. I tried almost every top-rated mobile email app, e.g., K-9, Aqua Mail, CloudMagic, Gmail, Blue Mail, Mail.RU, Mail Wise, SolMail, myMail etc. But surprisingly, all of them turned out to be useless because each one of them had some good features—but not all. Most importantly, none of these apps allows moving messages across different email accounts. I even wrote to some of these app developers, but none of them bothered to look into my requests.

Finally I found the email app that offers everything that I had been desperately looking for. One day I accidentally came across the gorgeous and feature-rich MailDroid Pro ($7.99 / INR 550) email app. I was truly elated to discover that among a long list of lovely features, it also allowed moving emails across different IMAP accounts/folders.


Here is a list of some of the features of MailDroid that any serious email App user would surely love to have-

  1. Beautiful User Interface (UI) with choice of colored themes,
  2. Supports all well-known IMAP servers, POP3, cloud mail servers, exchange mail client, and all free email services (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail etc),
  3. Compose New Email: Rich text formatting, Auto CC/BCC, customized email signature, delivery receipt, priority setting, spell check etc,
  4. Combined Inbox view,
  5. Sorting of Inbox by date/sender/flag/subject/unread/read/attachment,
  6. Grouped/threaded conversations
  7. Split view for Tab: list of emails on the left and wide email view on the right (option for both Portrait and Landscape),
  8. Swipe to Delete/Archive/Move,
  9. Well-placed navigation and action buttons for fast clearance of emails,
  10. Flexibility to Move messages to any folder across multiple emails accounts,
  11. Spam Filter (separate monthly subscription) with white/black list as well as the option to auto-move those emails to Junk folder,
  12. Intuitive user settings for message view, screen size, fonts, notifications (huge customization options – Global Settings as well as Account-specific),
  13. Mapping of individual folders to server – separate for each email account,
  14. Password Lock for App
  15. It’s one of the few “pure clients”, i.e., it does not store your messages on a secondary server.
  16. Export/Import Settings: On top of the above, one thing I really loved was this option. First, I set up all my IMAP/Gmail accounts one by one in my phone, and configured each one of them in great detail. After that I exported the settings, and transferred that one small file to my Tab. Then I installed the App in my Tab, imported the settings file – and voila! All my email accounts were up and running on my Tab in seconds—with the same configuration as in my phone. I only changed the landscape view mode to split screen in my Tab.

Last but not the least, this company (Flipdog Solutions, LLC) is also quite professional in taking feedback seriously. The App has a few minor bugs which I have highlighted to the Developer.

With this recent discovery of the MailDroid (undoubtedly the best email App!), I just don’t miss my iPhone anymore 🙂 And coincidentally, the OS upgrade to Marshmallow happened around the same time, too. I couldn’t ask for more!

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