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The world has been changing very fast. And lately, even faster! Nevertheless, one thing that has not changed is that the family still plays a vital role in defining our value system. I say this with conviction and pride. I look back and feel blessed to have grown up in a modest and God-loving, yet forward-looking family that always cherished the Joy of Giving.

The other important learning I have had is about the law of nature, i.e., your thoughts create your future. As a child I used to get really fascinated by great aesthetics, fine demeanor, creative writing, powerful speeches, soulful music, high-quality acoustics, technology, and good food. Many of these used to trigger dreams wherein I would see people in awe of what I had to offer to them. And being so deeply engraved in my sub-conscious, these eventually started manifesting themselves in my life in one way or another.

I was also very fortunate to come across these two quotes that have stayed with me since childhood.

mark twain

Adlai Stevenson II

And it’s been a long journey – with its fun and rubs. I started playing the piano by ear when I was six, graduated in Indian classical vocal music while studying in high school, and performed on All India Radio (AIR). I went on to complete Chartered Accountancy and stepped into the corporate world; traveled around the globe and built successful teams in several countries, while also mentoring and developing leaders in those locations. During this time, I also wrote a software on inventory management, created a website on cooking recipes as soon as I discovered internet, and embraced Vipassana meditation as a guiding light. I got invited to address several prestigious industry conferences within India and abroad, won a number of awards, and also had the privilege to serve the NASSCOM GIC Forum as the Regional Chairperson. I am equally blessed to have a wonderful family. I burnt fingers in stock markets, picked fights with my bosses – including at home 😉 and also did so many stupid things on which I could write a tome. Maybe I will, someday!

Thanks to the inspiration from Mark Twain—and the gratification from spearheading Sustainability in my last job as an MNC CFO, I took a break in 2013 to set up, an award-winning cloud-hosted Social Networking-cum-Consulting ecosystem to promote philanthropy and CSR.

I also take select assignments to coach and mentor senior corporate executives—to help them unleash their true potential while focusing on their holistic well-being, i.e., professional, physical, emotional and spiritual. I feel humbled when people thank me for having achieved what they never thought they were capable of. I just feel blessed.

In short, God has been kind; and life – His most precious gift, indeed beautiful!

Thank you for visiting my website. It portrays some of my hobbies, blogs, and the insights that I continue to gain from life. Hope you find it interesting. Please feel free to share your feedback, if any.

And, keep smiling! 🙂

What Others are Saying

“I owe Sandeep a lot as he showed me the way to scale up in my career. He is undoubtedly a perfect coach for senior leaders across industries.” Saif Ali Khan

Senior Vice President, HSBC

“Sandeep is detail-oriented, multi-talented and a great thought leader. His passion for people, process excellence and customer experience is just incredible.” Salim Imani

Chief Technology Officer, Saltside Technologies

“The business transformation into a P&L framework across several global delivery locations is attributable to Sandeep’s thought leadership, focus on end-to-end processes, and passion for training & mentoring people.” Sanjay Mujoo

Sr. Director & India Site Leader, HP Technology Services

“Sandeep is a rare mentor – so passionate about all-round development of people! He had bigger dreams for me; and made sure that I realized them.” Abhishek Poddar

Director - Product & Business, Ezetap

“Sandeep took CSR and Sustainability to a whole new level at EMC. His school adoption program was a tremendous success. Further, he also developed excellent leaders across central functions.” Niranjan Thirumale


“Sandeep helped me focus on the big picture of life, while guiding me to strike a balance among career, family, health and spiritual well-being. I have benefited immensely from his mentoring—both at professional and personal levels.” Valan Sivasubramanian

Systems Engineer, Fortinet

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